The new impact fee has been passed into law, what is it and what does that mean to you?

The impact fee will be paid by new home construction in the county in order to support the pace and growth and need for new schools in Williamson County.

If you already own…You are safe you a have a beautiful home in a beautiful area with amazing schools and the value of your home just increased. Congratulations!

If you plan to build…You are buying into one of the best counties and school districts in the Nation. Congratulations! It just comes with a bit of a cost. You should have been here yesterday applies to fishing as well as new home building in Williamson County.

But not so fast, the impact fee does not go into affect until March 2017 and not all at once. Beginning on March 1, permits issued will charge 50 percent of the fee. After Sept. 1, the full fee will be charged. Of course this will be passed onto the buyer, however, spreading this out over the life of your loan will be minimal. (For more info on loans and financing call me or your Lender.)

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Williamson schools fee on residential construction passes County Commission

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